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Laura James Joins Trailer Park London’s Production Team

Laura was previously responsible for the launch and management of the Vox’s Eater London social channels Trailer Park London has added Laura James to its production department. An experienced producer, Laura joins from Vox, where she was responsible for the launch and management of the Eater London social channels, organically growing the London audience across […]

Liberty Global go epic

Check out this very epic and very pretty piece of branded content for Liberty Global. Essentially a montage of homages to TV and cinema, made entirely from recreated iconic shots from other films. The piece celebrates storytelling in a unique and engaging way.

VidCon 2018

At the risk of coming across like a bit of a prat in the first sentence of this article — this summer we at Trailer Park London turned our back on the French Riviera in favour of the California Coast. These are the sacrifices we make. You’re welcome. Anyway, the point is that I, along with a […]

VidCon 2018: You heard it here first — TV is not dead

It doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to complete my VidCon speaker quote bingo card. ‘Brands don’t understand creators’ — tick. ‘You need to speak fast on YouTube’ — tick. ‘What about Vine? Jk! lol.’ — somehow yes, two years on, still tick. But the whole ‘nobody watches TV anymore’, ‘I don’t even own a TV’ and ‘TV is dead’ […]

Three key takeaways from VidCon 2018

This year’s VidCon felt more multi-platform than ever before. Just a couple of years ago it was pretty much entirely YouTube’s domain but this year there was significant presence from all the big guns. Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest all joined YouTube in hosting panels (of varying quality and insight it must be […]

It wouldn’t be a World Cup special without a run-down of the best World Cup ads, so here’s High Snobiety’s!

Okay, not strictly about the World Cup, but still about the beautiful game and still pretty big news! After months of speculation, Amazon have finally made a move for a Premier League broadcast rights package, purchasing the exclusive rights for 20 matches per season.